Bear World Magazine is the leading bear lifestyle website with valuable content for readers covering culture, travel, dining, auto and finance. Readership and impression numbers confirm their loyalty.

What is a bear?! Bears are solid, stable members of the LGBTQ community, typically male, over 35 and hairy.

Why are they important? Bears are guys who dine out, travel, are brand loyal, and enjoy finer things more than other consumers. They traditionally have higher income and they spend that money on brands who speak to them.

Bear World Magazine is statistically the most popular online bear lifestyle magazine in the world. We are considered the leading authority on all things bear-related.

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Ad Specifications

Bear World Magazine offers various advertising campaign options across desktop and cell displays:

Side Box  300 x 250 pixels

Our most popular advertising space. Available on all device types. The Side Box is displayed in the side-bar of all pages through the website and is available in four locations. On mobile device’s it shows underneath all articles (one box ad available across all local regions with geo-targeting)

LeaderBoard Box – Cell 300 x 250 pixels

This is the premier ad box position and sites under the Mast Head on the Cell Phone (one leaderboard box ad available across all local regions with geo-targeting)

Leaderboard Banner – Desktop 728 x 90 pixels

Available on desktops only. The Super Leaderboard is displayed at the top of the content view area on the home page of Bear World Magazine. It appears below the BWM logo (one leaderboard ad available in all local regions with geo-targeting)

Mid Article – Cell and Desktop 300 x 250 pixels 

Available in the middle of articles, after the 2nd paragraph – for local advertising only (four mid-article ads in rotation available in all local regions with geo-targeting.