Advertise with us is the leading news website, covering all things “bear” for bears and by bears.

We began with our 100 page monthly Ezine, in September 2012, sent out to 14,000 subscribers, with readership almost 30,000 a month, in September 2014 we moved over to a news/magazine website platform where stories are more easily promoted and shared across a large and unique audience giving us a reach that is over 250,000 people globally per month (5,000 – 30,000 in key USA regions).

Alongside weekly features like Bear of the Week, Man Crush Monday, car reviews, etc., we also feature news, entertainment news, interviews, promote upcoming bear events, run competitions and feature bear made products. We also have semi-regular features including Bears in Business, where we champion the small business owner, and Married Bears, where we celebrate bear couples who have recently married and wish to share their special day. We have a team of writers who also create OpEd and one-off pieces on a regular basis.

We have now launched our TV channel Bear World TV, producing LGBTQ+ TV shows with a bear focus.


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Bear World Magazine Demographics


Readership is 250,000 apx globally per month.

USA Region examples are:

  • New York – 31,000
  • Los Angeles – 18,250
  • Chicago – 10,000
  • San Francisco – 10,000
  • Ft Lauderdale – 7,500
  • Miami/Key West – 6,000
  • Atlanta – 6,000   

1,000,000+ Ad impressions per month 

Mobile Readership Facts

82% of traffic comes from mobile devices (Mobile Web)

  • 45% are from iOS Devices
    • 81% iPhone
    • 19% iPad
  • 55% are from Android Devices

Top 5 Visiting Countries

  • United States (54%)
  • United Kingdom (8%)
  • Canada (4%)
  • Brazil (3%)
  • Italy (2%)


Notable Advertisers




Ad Specifications

Bear World Magazine offers various advertising campaign options from desktop to mobile.

Side Box  300 x 250 pixels
Our most popular advertising space. Available on all device types. The Side Box is displayed in the side-bar of all pages through the website and is available in four locations. On mobile device’s it shows underneath all articles (one box ad available across all local regions with geo-targeting)



LeaderBoard Box – Cell 300 x 250 pixels
This is the premier ad box position and sites under the Mast Head on the Cell Phone (one leaderboard box ad available across all local regions with geo-targeting)



Leaderboard Banner – Desktop 728 x 90 PixelsAvailable on desktops only. The Super Leaderboard is displayed at the top of the content view area on the home page of Bear World Magazine. It appears below the BWM logo (one leaderboard ad available in all local regions with geo-targeting)


Mid Article – Cell and Desktop 300 x 250 Pixels Available in the middle of articles, after the 2nd paragraph – for local advertising only (four mid-article ads in rotation available in all local regions with geo-targeting.



If you are interested in advertising with us and reaching over 250,000 bears across our global reach, or locally in your region to between 5,000-30,000 bears a month (depending on region), get in touch with our sales team today. Email us for a full media kit: [email protected]