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Richard is the CEO of Bear World Media, the parent company of BWM, and was its creator and editor for its first three and half years, He is happy now developing the business in many other directions, and loves coming back to contribute when he can.


Wayne Jarvis
3 years ago

David thank you for taking the time to interview “Steve” He is a wonderful man who puts a lot of effort into the bear community for many to enjoy and usually at the risk of his personal happiness. He will continue to be the wonderful, generous, warm and furry, man and an honorable friend. We’re all lucky to cross paths with him and men of his stature, as they are far and few in between. Thanks “Steveo” for all you continue to do and I look forward to many more years of friendship-

Scott Seitz
3 years ago

Hi David and thanks for doing such a great job of capturing a wonderful man. Like Cher, there is Stevo …

Stevo and I were always around each other while I lived in Westchester, but it was not until Bears Life that we actually got to meet. One of the reasons I knew I had met someone special I think is captured here in the spirt of this article, and even more in person. Integrity, and sincerity of purpose. Stevo would put together a package and set up his advertising or events with so much enthusiasm, and always a real desire to do the right thing. We who work in the community understand that someone will always question our intentions, and that’s a good thing in many ways. But I never once questioned what Stevo had set out to do. He created visibility and a safe space for the bears to be, and to be part of. He challenged the different ideas of who we were not only in our community but outside as well; and he brought many of us along too. Stevo had the power of 30,000 subscribers who believed in what he was trying to do. That speaks to the man, and was something important for us to be able to share with Clients and Sponsors too. The best part is that Stevo did not stop promoting the fun and the good side of being LGBTQIA and a Bear.
The world may not stop or step-up and give Stevo a parade, but I hope that my heartfelt thanks encourages others to say thanks too. Send that man some love people!

Each day as the world grows a little bit safer, we discover more about our community too. The changes that Stevo mentions are always happening but in the gay community we have learned from our sisters and brothers in other diverse groups and we have had media, the internet and social media advance us a little LOT faster now. So as we evolve and integrate each generation will find a way to make it better for the next. Let’s always be excited for the change, let’s all find new ways to mentor and support those in need, and lets all think about Stevo and others we know who broke though barriers and find inspiration to be a part of that bright future that people like Stevo always could see for us.
Thanks Stevo, let your passion lead you to that next place of joy. I am more than sure it will 
Scott Seitz

LJ (Lester John) Bates
3 years ago

Aloha from Hawaii! I loved to read about “Stevo” and his memory of my ex-partner Ron and I giving him his nickname at the Dugout! I have such great memories of his events, his house, his dogs, his MEN!!! I would love to find a way to connect with Stevo again…how can I reach him?

3 years ago

Funny how none of the negative comments about the article or Steve appear. So you don’t believe in censorship unless it’s your censorship of others? I call bullshit

3 years ago

Gosh…Stevo is always to be so admired and remembered. I advertised in his magazine and thought is was spectacular. Well wishes to Stevo and thanks for such a great article!

Mike – Vrodmuscl (bear411)

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